7 Golf Tips To Ace The Winter Games

It is not unknown to all the golfers that dropping temperatures can play a big role in slowing down their game, but that should not be the reason behind a bad performance. For the days when the mercury rises hardly, one should look forward to follows the tips given by the experts at the DGA, golf academy in Dehradun to ace their game when others struggle to fight against the cold.

Here are a few things that the experts believe can make playing golf easy in the cold weather-

1- Keep the ball warm.

Cold balls cannot make it far and thus should be kept warm for a better game. For doing this, one can warm the balls with a radiator before the game and then keep the ball in one’s pocket. The ball will stay warm because of the body temperature. Also, using two balls will help in maintaining temperatures by using them for alternative rounds.

2- Avoid cooling of Hands.

Every human knows that cold hinders their body’s performance. Hence, it is important to keep the hands warm during the rounds to enhance one’s skills at the game. For doing so, one can invest in some good pairs of gloves. Also, one can carry hand warmers in their pockets to keep warm during the game.

3- Clean the Ball.

One should always grab the opportunity to clean the ball so as to avoid any issue that the mud on the ball can cause during the flight. One can always clean the ball on the greens, without lifting the ball completely, as it would mean testing the ground.

4- Strategize wisely for the winter game.

Expectations during the games in winter and summer are very different. In summer, where one can complete 4 par in 2, it could even take a 5 in winter. Thus, it is important that one checks the club distances and strategizes accordingly. Also, one can very well try a short game and wedge play in the winters.

5- Invest in good base layers.

Keeping your body warm during the cold temperatures is very important. Instead of looking for fat jumpers, one should try going for a thin and warm base layer. They not only keep one warm but also don’t hinder the flexibility required for the game.

6- Ditch that trolley for a while.

Carrying a trolley on the ground in winter could be troublesome, making the carry bags a better option. Carry bags on the grounds to prevent those wheels getting stuck or cutting through the ground, giving pressure on ones shoulders.

7- Walk more.

Well, this is the simplest tip that can help one to keep warm. Walk a little bit to prevent the legs going numb or body feeling the cold.

The winter months call for the usage of these tips to have an edge over the freezing temperatures. These will certainly help in increasing the chances of hitting better than the expected performance during such low temperatures.

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