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The Dehradun Golf Academy, through innovative and effective teaching methodology, establishes a national & international standard in training and certification.

Accredited to the most prestigious United States Golf Teachers Federation, The World Golf Coaches Alliance, The Indian Golf Union, The National Energy and Sports Training Academy, USA and a team of coaches from The Golf Academy of America, Dehradun Golf Academy has trained more than 500 Golfers up till now.

The Academy provides training to golfers from all age groups, at the most scenic and centrally located venues of Golf Simulators, Golf Ranges, and Golf Courses.

Our Unique Programs encourage young Golfers to take up golf professionally and represent the sport at both National & International tournaments. The Academy also has vertical for golf course design and construction and maintenance, named DGA GREENS.


The World Golf Coaches Alliance

United States Golf Teachers Federation

World Golf Teachers Federation

The Indian Golf Union (Golf Authority in India)

Association of Synthetic Grass Installers

National Exercise & Sports Trainers Associations 



General FAQs

Is Golf hard to learn?

No, The major reason golf can be difficult to learn is because it is rarely taught properly. It is generally taught from the point of view that people naturally want to be able to be very good golfers so they are taught the perfect golf grip, stance, and alignment and shown how to swing the club “properly.”

How do beginners drive in golf?

Top 5 Tips On Beginner Golf Driving

The driver is likely the most intimidating club to learn in golf. Beginning golfers are at the mercy of information overload on the correct way to learn and play golf. ...

Tip #1 Wide Stance.
Tip #2 Ball Position.
Tip #3 Hand Position
Tip #4 Tee it Up High.
Tip #5 Low and Slow.

How do you chip in golf?

A chip shot from the fringe should be the easiest shot in golf. It's a short swing, and you' re literally trying to hit the ball 20 yards or less.

Is it expensive to play golf?

It is considered an elite and expensive sport due to the course fees, equipment, membership, and uniform that demands costly charges. Another reason why golf is a sport for the rich is that it is hard to choose and play. The game requires a lot of lessons and practice which adds to the cost of playing the game

How many lessons should a begginer take?

If you are wondering how many golf lessons should a beginner take, the simple answer are 10 lesson from golf instructor which helps to clear your fundamentals and improve your golf swing.

How much does golf lesson cost?

As a professional and certified golf academy, we provide various golf programs to suit your need . For a beginner we provide 15 golf lessons at a highly subsidized fees of INR 6000 . This includes coaching lessons on the golf course , range , golf equipment/ kit , balls etc , hence an all inclusive program for ease of a beginning golfer.

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